Reader Buying Habits

I'm in the process of merging my Novel Marketing Strategies blog into this one now that I've had an epiphany about how to marketing novels. (Yes, soon I'll post a longer article about that epiphany.) Here I'm bringing in some of my favorite reader data from that other blog:

From a 47-page report of stats from Bowker Pubtrack, assembled by Sisters in Crime. (The report focuses on mystery novels, which may be why some of the numberd reasons above are missing for SFF.) 

What influences book sales: Fantasy

  • Part of a series: #1 reason
  • Know/Like this author: #2
  • In-Store Display/On Shelf/Spinning Rack: #3
  • Friend/Relative Recommended: #4
  • Online – Book Review: #5
  • Online – Author’s Website: #6
  • Online – Retailer Recommended: #7
  • Book Club: #8
  • Best Seller List: #12
  • Book Review (Not Online): #25

What influences book sales: Science Fiction

  • Know/Like this author: #1 reason
  • Part of a series: #2
  • In-Store Display/On Shelf/Spinning Rack: #3
  • Book Club: #4
  • Friend/Relative Recommended: #5
  • Online – Author’s Website: #6
  • Online – Book Review: #7
  • Online – Retailer Recommended: #8
  • Best Seller List: #11
  • Book Review (Not Online): #15

In a study by Verso Advertising about book-buying behavior in 2010 (full study online at:, the primary factors in a book purchase decision were:

  • Author reputation 52%
  • Personal recommendation 49%
  • Price 45%
  • Book review 37%
  • Cover artwork/blurbs 22%
  • Advertising (including online) 14%


A Writer’s Time – Ken Atchity

I’ve read many books about how to write and this remains
one of my favorites. He covers not only time management tactics, but also
creativity management, which is crucial.

I recently found this page of notes that I wrote to
myself as a quick review of my favorite points of the book. I’m presenting it
here to give you an idea of the scope, but to really dig into his strategies
for managing yourself as a write, I recommend you read the whole book. (He has
a good style, you’ll enjoy it!)

A Writer’s Time: Making the Time to Write