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Being Emily:

Winner 2013 Golden Crown Literary Award in Dramatic / General Fiction.

Winner 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award in Young Adult Fiction – Mature Issues.

Finalist 2013 Lambda Literary Award

Just Girls:

Winner 2015 Golden Crown Literary Award in Young Adult

Shortlisted for Ohio State University’s Common Read program

My Year Zero:

Winner 2017 Golden Crown Literary Award in Young Adult


“I was hooked by this deeply layered story! Nico is a lovable tour guide for exploring beyond the gender binary and brings an important perspective and voice for youth who do not ‘fit in the boxes.'” — Elyse Pine, MD,  Trans Youth Lead Physician, Gender JOY, Chase Brexton Health Care

“Nico and Tucker is a beautiful story about love and friendship that engages the reader to think critically about being intersex, gender identity, cultural expression, and sexual assault. While tackling all of these issues, the book is a fun and exciting journey that unlocks the fabulosity in all of us!” — Sean Saifa Wall, intersex activist, collage artist and TEDx Speaker

“Many of you know I’ve worked as an editor as well as a writer for the past three decades. I’ve edited many of our finest writers, including a couple of our great ones … I have to talk about one of the most important authors I’ve ever edited: Rachel Gold. … [her books] authentically portray that milieu as experienced by our kids of today and they brilliantly convey all the issues surrounding the controversies of gender today.” – Katherine V. Forrest, author, editor and Lesbian Literature Trailblazer Award winner

“Powerful and empowering, with an optimistic message that we all need more of in our lives. I’m thrilled to see this book is out in the world.”  – Kate Bornstein, author of Gender Outlaw and A Queer and Pleasant Danger

“… it’s a wonderful read for any teen (or anyone else) dealing with gender issues or the question of non-conformity … [Gold] does a fabulous job of explaining what it means to know in your heart that something’s not right, that the body you were born with doesn’t match the true person inside.” – Ellen Krug, Lavender Magazine

“It’s rare to read a novel that’s involving, tender, thought-provoking and informative. Rachel Gold does all this in ‘Being Emily.'” – Twin Cities Pioneer Press


Nico & Tucker

Huffington Post: Rachel Gold On Her New YA Book About A Non-Binary Teen: Nico And Tucker


My Year Zero

Rain Taxi Review of Books: An interview with Rachel Gold by poet and Harvard Professor Steph Burt


“Rachel Gold is the author of two terrific young adult novels with trans girl protagonists …”

From School Library Journal: “Including frank depictions of sex, mental illness, and emotional trauma, this uneven novel follows Lauren through a year of turbulence and self-discovery. The time spent on Lauren’s life before she becomes wrapped up in her new friends falls flat, with the glimpses of her life as a practicing religious Jewish teen being the most interesting and relatable aspects. … The work eventually finds its footing with a narrower focus on the characters. The emotional breakthroughs are touching and genuine but make for slow plot points. … VERDICT An additional purchase for collections needing more mature LGBTQ stories.—Amy Diegelman, Vineyard Haven Public Library, MA

Lambda Literary Review


“Gold has skillfully written a story with timely topics for navigating the slippery approach to adulthood, ranging from sex and sexuality, relationships, self-discovery, overcoming difficulties with authority figures, parental bullying and neglect, and bipolar disorder.”

Forever Young Adult


“I so want to party with Lauren, Sierra, Blake and all their friends. Seriously. A group of high school/college kids who get together in skuzzy apartments, drink beer, play nerd games, write stories, draw, DO MATH, and have sex. Just like my high school/college experience, except for that last one.”


The Oral History Podcast: Episode 17: YA Sex Scenes


Just Girls

Lambda Literary Review


“Let me start with a quick summary of Just Girls published by Bella Books and written by the award-winning author, Rachel Gold: brilliant, brilliant and all kinds of brilliant.”

Curve Magazine


“A novel which will entertain and educate on some of the issues facing LGBTQIA teens and young adults in a world where they are misunderstood more often than not.”

GayYA launches first book club, chooses Rachel Gold’s JUST GIRLS


For Books’ Sake: Ten Women Writers of LGBT YA

“Rachel Gold is a small press author whose books are hidden treasures.”



Being Emily

Saint Paul Pioneer Press:


“It’s rare to read a novel that’s involving, tender, thought-provoking and informative.”

The Pioneer Press book review editor also discussed it in an audio program: http://blogs.twincities.com/eatshopplay/2012/07/02/twin-cities-books-with-mary-ann-grossmann-3/

In the Minneapolis Star Tribune:


WoW Insider (one of the largest gaming sites about World of Warcraft) interviewed Rachel for the feature “WoW adds uniting element to YA novel about a transsexual teen.”


Lambda Literary Review


“Rachel Gold has crafted an extraordinarily poignant novel in ‘Being Emily.’”

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Twin Cities Daily Planet


Lavender Magazine




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