“I was hooked by this deeply layered story! Nico is a lovable tour guide for exploring beyond the gender binary and brings an important perspective and voice for youth who do not ‘fit in the boxes.'” — Elyse Pine, MD,  Trans Youth Lead Physician, Gender JOY, Chase Brexton Health Care

“Nico and Tucker is a beautiful story about love and friendship that engages the reader to think critically about being intersex, gender identity, cultural expression, and sexual assault. While tackling all of these issues, the book is a fun and exciting journey that unlocks the fabulosity in all of us!” — Sean Saifa Wall, intersex activist, collage artist and TEDx Speaker

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From the back copy:

The decision can’t be put off any longer.

A medical crisis turns Nico’s body into a battleground, crushing Nico under conflicting family pressures. Having lived genderqueer for years, Nico is used to getting strong reactions (and uninvited opinions!) from everyone, but it is Tucker’s reaction that hurts the most.

Jess Tucker didn’t mean to hurt Nico, but she panicked.

And after the worst year of her life, she’s hanging on by a thread. Forget recovery time and therapy, she needs to put the past behind her and be normal again. But when her relationship with Nico becomes more than she can handle, she cuts and runs.

In this riveting sequel to Just Girls, comes a love story about bodies, healing, and knowing who you really are.