In The Silences – Book Launch Events

You can buy my new novel starting today! The official publication date is May 21, but my publisher, Bella Books, has made copies available early on their site (click here!).

The launch party will be June 1 at the Roseville Barnes & Noble, HarMar Mall, 2100 Snelling Ave N, Roseville, MN 55113. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here or just show up! I’ll read from the new book and have special guests with me to talk about the beta reading process, plus we’ll take audience questions. I will sign books and happily geek out about comic books and gaming with anyone who wants to.READ MORE

Pre-Order My New Novel!

In three weeks, my new novel will be shipping. This one’s targeted for slightly younger ages, like Being Emily, focusing on ages 14-15 for the main characters.

What’s it about?

Fourteen-year-old Kaz Adams just wants to read comic books and spend every day with Aisha Warren. And maybe get up the nerve to ask her out, if Kaz turns out to be a gender that Aisha’s into.


Spring Events 2019

This spring and summer I’ll be at three conventions: ClexaCon in April, WisCon in May and GCLS in July. I’m very excited to be on two panels for ClexaCon:

  • Breaking into Book Publishing for Aspiring Writers, with Catherine Lundoff,  Andi Marquette, and Kim Turrisi.
  • Creating Diverse Stories Without Tokenism, with Victoria Stagg Elliott, Karen Shoffner, and CB Lee.

For more info check out the panels list on the ClexaCon site: MORE

October & November Events!

I’m excited to be participating in three great events in the Twin Cities area for October and November:

Oct. 24: The Evolution of LGBTQ+ Young Adult Lit: From Sad-Eyed Loners to Superheroes

7 – 9 PM
Quatrefoil Library
1220 East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN, 55407

Discover exciting trends in young adult literature, expand your reading list, and play a trivia game with prizes! Christine Jenkins, co-author of Representing the Rainbow in Young Adult Literature, will take you on a whirlwind tour of five decades of this exciting and now booming genre. Author Rachel Gold will read from the new edition of her groundbreaking novel, Being Emily, and explore the future of YA literature with queer and trans content. Reception to follow. Books will be for sale and authors will be available for signing!READ MORE

The Boston Globe & Harvard Book Store

The week before I read at Harvard Book Store, the Boston Globe ran a great profile focused on the new edition of Being Emily, which you can find on their site. Here’s my favorite quote:

Echoing [Stephanie] Burt’s introduction, Gold added, she intends the new edition to be a book “where trans girls really see themselves, see themselves being loved, see themselves in a positive light, overcoming problems. I think there’s still not enough of that in the world in terms of trans identity…”


My gender presentation

Below you’ll find a PDF of the presentation “Gender in 50 Min or Less” that I delivered at the Golden Crown Literary Society annual convention in early July. I’ve also tried to list most of the papers, articles and books that I read while thinking about my gender presentation.

I probably forgot some resources, so this list might expand later. At some point I hope to add my notes or a link to the video if it’s public (apologies to people who weren’t at the conference if the PDF doesn’t entirely make sense without the notes).

Thanks to the Golden Crown board for inviting me to speak, and to my audience for laughing at all my jokes!READ MORE

The science behind the new Being Emily

Because I like science, I read a lot of it while updating Being Emily. This ended up with many books and studies turning into only a few sentences on the page, but hopefully they’re the right, impactful sentences.

Here are some of the core concepts I heightened or added in the new edition of Being Emily:

  • Being transgender (and gender identity in general) is influenced to some degree by genetics, hormones and hormone receptors.
  • It’s unclear whether gender identity is also influenced by the shape of your brain or your gender identity shapes your brain.
  • Kids learn gender early and begin to have a gender identity at young ages.
  • Many trans girls know they’re girls at early ages both consciously and subconsciously.
  • Trans kids who can socially transition young are not at high risk for depression and anxiety.

Here’s some of the science behind that understanding:READ MORE

Being Emily launch day!

The new, anniversary edition of Being Emily is now available! Later today/this week I will answer some questions (lower in this post) and talk about the process of editing Being Emily.

First here’s some very important ordering info: on you can order the new paperback edition of Being Emily, but the current kindle edition is the old, 2012 version. If you want the new BE as an ebook, please order it from Bella Books. On the Bella site, you can get the new version, which I abbreviate as 2BE, as an epub, mobi or pdf file. It will work on all the major eReaders and tablet apps. The kindle format is .mobi. READ MORE