MarsCon 2013

I’m on four panels for MarsCon March 1-3. If you’re planning on attending, I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Below are the panels I’m on and you can see the full program here.

Limitations in SF/F

Mars/Taylor (2nd Floor) — Friday 06:00 pm

Discuss how
strong female characters are frequently portrayed as abandoning most, if not
all, things feminine. Also, male characters who take on what are considered
traditionally female roles are being portrayed as emasculated. Can a powerful
female character be warm and nurturing and can a house husband be more than a
punch line?
With: W. Scott Patterson, mod.; Rachel Gold, Lyda Kimberly Long-Ewing, Lyda
Morehouse, Kathryn Sullivan

Media Marketing for Creatives & Geeks

(13th Floor) — Saturday 01:00 pm

and tips for successfully marketing your geeky creative endeavor or business on
various social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and
LinkedIn will be discussed.
With: Hal Bichel, mod.; Rachel Gold, Christopher Jones, Heather Luca, Catherine
Lundoff, David Schwartz

of Character

Mars/Taylor (2nd Floor) — Saturday 02:00 pm

A lot of
the characters in speculative fiction have similar personalities to most fans.
Are writers limiting their audience by failing to include characters that
express the whole range of diverse human personalities? Who’s good at doing
this? What techniques do writers use to design characters unlike themselves?
With: Rebecca Chesin, Andre Guirard, co-mods.; Rob Callahan, Haddayr
Copley-Woods, Rachel Gold, Naomi Kritzer

Writers Who
Like to Write

Mars/Taylor (2nd Floor) — Saturday 07:00 pm

There are a
lot of writers who like the idea of being a writer far more than the fact. Some
of us don’t’ procrastinate or avoid writing because we actually enjoy doing it.
What are our techniques for getting things done, particularly when life
interferes? Are we less “artistic” if we don’t have complicated or bizarre
routines or requirements in order to write? Does one truly have to suffer to be
a good or creative writer?
With: S.N. Arly, mod.; Rachel Gold, Kimberly Long-Ewing, Michael Merriam