In The Silences – Book Launch Events

You can buy my new novel starting today! The official publication date is May 21, but my publisher, Bella Books, has made copies available early on their site (click here!).

The launch party will be June 1 at the Roseville Barnes & Noble, HarMar Mall, 2100 Snelling Ave N, Roseville, MN 55113. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here or just show up! I’ll read from the new book and have special guests with me to talk about the beta reading process, plus we’ll take audience questions. I will sign books and happily geek out about comic books and gaming with anyone who wants to.

I will also have copies available at the Reclaim booth at Twin Cities Pride on Saturday, June 22. (There might still be copies on Sunday, June 23 also, but I won’t be there to sign them for you.) You can get a copy with a donation of $15 or more to Reclaim, which is a great organization that connects queer and trans you to therapy and other services (check them out). 

Wondering what people are saying about my new novel? My publisher posted it to NetGalley and here are some of the early reviews it’s received:

Lex Kent’s Reviews – In this book Gold takes on race, gender, and sexuality. Each time I read one of her books I walk away feeling like I learned something new which I always appreciate. This is one of those books that definitely messed with my emotions. I went from crying one minute, to being so mad I was steaming the next. And while some of this book was hard to read because you know it’s a fiction book based on facts, there was still plenty of uplifting moments. This is one of those YA books that should really be in school libraries but is also a book adults should read. Like I mentioned before I think Gold writes books that are important. She knows how to leave an impact on you while getting your mind working. That is the sign of a good book and a good author in my opinion.

Maggie S. – So much accurate representation of various aspects of the LGBT community all in one book! Bravo to the author for clearly knowing what she was talking about.

R. SwierIn the Silences was one of the best YA books I have recently read. The information and messages contained within this book are important and should be in all school libraries/classrooms to be read and discussed. Highly recommended!

Kade G. – I adore this author for correctly representing so many factors of the LGBT community. This is a fantastic YA read.

Emma A. – A really well executed YA novel with depth and feeling that touches many diverse topics but manages to give a coherent and strong message to young people and adults alike. The characters are beautifully written, the plot interesting, the young romance sweet, the family dynamics amazingly well done. Read it! It’s more than well worth your time. Highly recommended.