Just Girls: Art Giveaway!

Because I believe readers will fall in love with many of the characters of Just Girls, I’m working with an illustrator to create a free art piece for anyone who buys a copy of the novel between now and Nov. 1, 2014.

In this post you can see some preview sketches from the early drafts (be patient with the page of sketches, it takes a few moments to load). The final piece will be a detailed, two-color, full-page illustration. I’ll also have at least one framed copy signed by me and by the illustrator as a prize for the games we’ll be playing at the Sept. 27 launch party at Addendum Bookstore

To get your digital copy of the art emailed to you, just email me some proof that you bought the book: part of the receipt, a photo of you holding the book or your eReader with the book on it, or the confirmation from your favorite online bookseller that you bought a copy. Send that to: Beingemily@gmail.com. I’ll email you the art, which will become available around Sept. 20.

And now on to the sketches from the talented (and delightful) Mandie Brasington. (Fans of Just Girls will appreciate her comic: How to Explain Gender Binary by a Live Hare.)

Our heroes from Being Emily return for a moderate role in the events of Just Girls.

Our heroes from Being Emily return for a moderate role in the events of Just Girls.

 The protagonists of Just Girls, Ella and Tucker:


Ella just wants a peaceful first year of college, and maybe to date someone.


Tucker’s friendship with Claire and Emily means she can’t just stand by while ignorant mean girls talk about a new trans student at school.












Below is the rough sketch of the whole cast of characters, including Emily and Claire, hanging out together. This will be the layout of the finished piece, though of course it will be much more detailed.

Just Girls Giveaway Art

And lastly because Nico became such a presence in the book and has charmed many early readers despite having only secondary character status, here’s Nico: