Previews from the New Being Emily

We’re less than two weeks to the launch of the new edition of Being Emily! I’m super excited. I got to add about 25% more content to the original story, plus there’s a whole new epilogue (set 10 years after the original story), and there’s a great intro.

You can pre-order the new Being Emily from the Bella Books site:

You can start to preview the new content now on these sites:

The Seattle Lesbian is featuring an excerpt from Stephanie Burt’s introduction: features part of one of the new scenes between Emily & Claire:

Epochalips has another new scene of Emily & Claire that follows from the one above:

(Don’t worry, you’re not reading all the new stuff ahead of time if you read those, in total I added about six full scenes and extended more.)

The Bella Books blog has a post I wrote about comic book characters, including why there’s more Starfire and some Warlock in the new Being Emily:

And Lesbian News printed an article I wrote in a lovely four-page spread, photos below:

If you’ve got questions about the new edition that you’re hoping I’ll answer, please leave them in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks!

P.S. If you haven’t read the YA Pride article where Stephanie and I interview each other about Being Emily, it’s definitely worth a read:


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