Reader question: Nico’s dance style

Got great reader questions this week: where does Nico’s dance style come from? And what was the inspiration for the cabaret scene in Nico & Tucker?

Second question first: I’ve been to a few¬†genderqueer/genderfluid performances in the last few years. A cabaret at the Philly Trans Health conference provided the framework for the scene. And it gave me some ideas of the kinds of performances to showcase.

As for Nico’s dance style, I took my inspiration from two dancers. Darrion Gallegos comes very close to how I see Nico dancing, especially the facial expressions and playfulness. I’d say Darrion is about 75% of Nico’s style (though Nico is younger and less professional). Plus Darrion and Nico are similarly pretty!

And the other 25% of Nico’s style, look and body is influenced by early Parris Goebel (of whom I am a huge fan). Warning: this song is explicit, so don’t crank the volume if you’re at work in a non-explicit workplace. Also, if you’re one of my parents, just turn the volume off. Thanks!


And if you’re curious about some of the music I was listening to while writing Nico & Tucker, check out this post. It features the video where I first saw¬†Darrion Gallegos and realized his smirky smile was perfect for Nico.